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Mystery in Space

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Mystery in space.jpg

Pulp Fiction Library  
Forfattere: Forskellige
Tegnere: Forskellige
Originaltitel: Mystery in Space
Originaludgave: 1999 (DC Comics) - ISBN 1-56389-494-7

Danske udgaver:

  • Ikke udgivet på dansk

Mystery in Space er en opsamling af klassiske amerikanske science fiction-historier, flere af dem tegnet af ingen ringere end Jack Kirby. Den er en del af DC Comics' Pulp Fiction Library-serie og blev udgivet i 1999.


  • Foreword
  • Rocket Lanes of Tomorrow
  • Mr. Future
  • Just Imagine - If the Sun Went Out!
  • Columbus in Space
  • Just Imagine - If an Invading Sun Menaced Earth!
  • How Television Will Change Your Future
  • Spores from Space
  • The Comet Peril
  • The Man with 100 Lives!
  • Girl in the Golden Flower
  • The Mad Planet
  • I Was a Cop from Outer Space
  • I Hunted Big Game in Outer Space!
  • I Found the City Under the Sea
  • The Counterfeit Earth!
  • The Adventures of Chris KL-99: The Exile of Space
  • The Knights of the Galaxy: The Day the World Melted
  • Tommy Tomorrow: The Hotrods of Space!
  • Captain Comet: Lights, Camera - Invasion!
  • Space Cabby: The Robinson Crusoe of Space!
  • Star Hawkins: The Case of the Counterfeit Credits!
  • Adam Strange: The Weapon that Swallowerd Men!
  • The Atomic Knights: The Lost City of Los Angeles!
  • Star Rovers: What Happened on Sitius.4?
  • Space Ranger: The Valley of the 1,000 Dooms
  • Ultra the Multi-Alien
  • Brief Encounter
  • Passages
  • Gremlins
  • The One that Matters
  • Killing Time
  • Certified Safe!
  • Dream Boat