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The Boxer

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The Boxer.jpg

Forfattere: Reinhard Kleist &
Tegner: Reinhard Kleist
Originaltitel: Der Boxer
Originaludgave: 2012: Carlsen Verlag   ISBN 978 3 551 78697 5
Format: ca. 200 sider (?)

Danske udgaver:

  • Ikke udgivet på dansk
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Forlagets beskrivelse

Poland, 1941. Sixteen-year-old Harry Haft is sent to Auschwitz. When he is forced to fight against other inmates for the amusement of the SS officers, Haft shows extraordinary strength and courage, and a determination to survive. As the Soviet Army advances in April 1945, he makes a daring escape from the Nazis. After negotiating the turmoil of postwar Poland, Haft immigrates to the United States and establishes himself as a professional prizefighter, remaining undefeated until he faces heavy­weight champion Rocky Marciano in 1949. In The Boxer, Reinhard Kleist reveals another side to the steely Harry Haft: a man struggling to escape the memories of the fiancée he left behind in Poland. This is a powerful and moving graphic novel about love and the will to survive.