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The Art of Modesty Blaise

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The Art of Modesty Blaise.jpg

Forfattere: Lawrence Blackmore & Peter O'Donnell
Tegnere: J. Holdaway, E.B. Romero, J.M. Burns, P. Wright & N. Colvin
Originaludgave: 2014: Book Palace Books     ISBN 978 1 907081 26 2
Format: 88 sider (?) sort-hvid 216 × 280 mm

Danske udgaver:

  • Ikke udgivet på dansk

Forlagets beskrivelse

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Modesty Blaise, the tough and enigmatic character created by Peter O'Donnell, made her international debut on Monday 13th May 1963 in a newspaper strip story illustrated by Jim Holdaway. Her adventures continued for almost 40 years until the last story in 2001 and have been syndicated worldwide.

On Jim Holdaway's sudden death in 1970 the artwork was taken up by Enric Badia Romero. In 1978 the artwork was taken up by John Burns for a year then by Pat Wright for nine months. In May 1980 the fifth artist was introduced, Neville Colvin, who produced over 1500 strips. Colvin retired in 1986 and Romero continued again until the very last strip in 2001.

This marvellous catalogue showcases over 160 original artworks for sale, reproduced here in the finest detail. Each individual scan of the original art shown in this book was carefully taken to optimise its reproduction on the printed page and to retain the look and feel of the artist's detailed pen and ink artwork.

Authors: Peter O'Donnell, introduction and compiled by Lawrence Blackmore

Artists: Jim Holdaway, Enric Badia Romero, John M Burns, Patrick Wright, Neville Colvin

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