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Tintins äventyr - Boken om filmen

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Tintins äventyr Boken om filmen.jpg

Forfatter: Chris Guise
Originaltitel: The Art of the Adventures of Tintin
Originaludgave: 2011: Harper Design & Weta Workshop     ISBN 978 0 06 208749 2
Format: ca. 210 sider (?) farver ca. 31 × 25 cm

Danske udgaver:

  • Ikke udgivet på dansk

Svenske udgaver:

Forsider m.m.


The Art of the Adventures of Tintin indhold.jpg

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Forlagets beskrivelse

The artists at Weta Digital and Weta Workshop were thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Steven Spielberg to bring Hergé's wonderful characters to the big screen in The Adventures of Tintin.

They spent five years working on this movie. This book tells the story of how the filmmakers started with the original Hergé artwork and books and ended up with what is seen on-screen. It features early concept drawings, previs sequences, models, costume designs and final stills from the film.

The book focuses on the creative process, showing the many designs that made it into the movie and others that didn't. It highlights the attention to detail, skill and creativity of all the artists involved in the making of the movie. The story is told by the artists themselves, who talk about their inspirations, techniques and experiences. Through them we gain a true insight into the creative thinking behind this groundbreaking feature film.


The Art of the Adventures of Tintin Herge.jpg The Art of the Adventures of Tintin eksempel 1.jpg

The Art of the Adventures of Tintin Originalerne.jpg The Art of the Adventures of Tintin eksempel 2.jpg

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